Trust In Quality

Attar Factory™ supplies premium quality incense and perfumery products, such as natural perfume oils like oud, bakhoor incense, electrical bakhur burners and holders. We source all products from the most reliable suppliers and manufacturers. We stock one of the best automatic electric bakhur burners on the market which has constantly been rated as Amazon’s Choice in the Incense Burners category. Our premium scented bakhur range is also top of the line with unparalleled quality.

Natural & Pure

Our products are made using the finest quality ingredients and materials. If we say it is oud, then it is 100% oud. We do not dilute or mix our pure natural oils

Wholesale & Bespoke

We can provide wholesale quantity of our premium quality  products to those who require large quantities, such as perfume makers.

We can also do bespoke custom branding and packaging for your own brand. If you are looking to supply our products in your own packaging, we can brand and package our premium quality products in your own branded packaging.

Incense Drawer Wooden Incense Stick Holder