oud chips or bakhur

How to burn oud chips and bakhoor.

Although the traditional way to burn oud chips or bakhur is by using charcoal, we recommend using an electric burner as this will prevent the oud chips or bakhur from overheating and burning quickly. It takes a little practice to burn oud chips using coal. However, with an electric burner, it’s very simple and easy. Just follow the steps below:



Electric Incense Burner

Plug in your electric burner and turn the switch on.

Depending on the burner you have, a light should turn on indicating that heat is being produced.

Electric Incense Burner

Break your bakhur into small pieces and place it on the dish / plate. For oud chips, you only need to break them a little if it does not fit on the plate. Otherwise, if it fits, just place the entire oud chip on the plate.


As the heat increases, the bakhur will begin to produce a pleasant scent. For oud chips, you will see oil / resin begin to melt. This is the oud resin and the main part that produces the smell of oud.

Electric Incense Burner

Depending on the burner you have, turn off the burner after around 10 minutes to avoid overheating the bakhur or oud chips as well avoiding damage to your burner. If you have an automatic burner, you can keep the heat running on low-medium heat, as the burner will automatically adjust the heat.