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How to use bakhoor burners.

Electric burners are the modern variant of classical bakhoor burners. While classical burners use coal, electric burners use electricity to produce heat, mainly by use of a heating coil.


There are generally two types of electric burners available:

  1. Automatic electric burners
  2. Non-automatic electric burners

Automatic electric burners

Automatic electric burners have a thermostat dial and energy regulator that controls the intensity of the heat produced. You can increase and decrease the intensity of the heat by turning the dial up or down. The energy regulator inside the burner controls the temperature by switching the power on or off for longer or shorter intervals. The output is continuous at the highest setting.

The features of an automatic electric burner:

  • Allows you to control the intensity of the heat.
  • Automatically turns on and off so that the temperature does not go beyond the set temperature.
  • Allows slow burning of the incense resulting in longer usability of the incense.
  • No need to worry about burner coil getting damaged, as the heat automatically turns off based on the thermostat settings.

Non-automatic electric burners

Non-automatic electric burners do not have a thermostat dial or energy regulator. They have a set temperature at which they operate and the heat cannot be manually increased or decreased. The user has to manually turn off the burner at the mains switch in order to stop the heat.

Usually, most non-automatic electric burners can only be kept on for a maximum of 10 minutes at a time before the must be turned off. If they are kept on for longer, the burner will have a power outage, which may damage the burner or render it broken indefinitely.

Non-automatic electric burners are suitable for quick burning of incense or bakhoor when you don’t need to keep the burner on for longer periods, as you need to keep an eye on the burner and then manually turn it off after a few minutes. If you need to keep the burner on for longer periods, the automatic burner is the best option.

The following instructions can be followed regardless of the brand or model of burner. Most of them are similar.

How to use automatic electric burners

Electric Incense Burner

Place the contents to be heated (bakhoor, incense, frankincense, oud chips, sandalwood etc.) on the plate / dish.

Electric Incense Burner

Plug the burner in and turn the dial to the suitable heat setting. A red light should turn on indicating that the heating coil is on.


Keep on the lowest heat setting at first to experiment with the heat level. Use the table below to figure out the temperature setting for the most common types of incense.

Keeping the heat on the low heat setting will allow the incense to burn slowly and give out a scent for longer.

Slowly increase the heat if required.

Electric Incense Burner

The heat will automatically stop and start (to avoid overheating) as the burner is thermostat controlled. The red light will constantly turn on and off to indicate when the heat is on.

The burner will then continue to gradually heat the incense and provide a scent for as long as it is kept on.


Electric Incense Burner

Suggested temperature settings

temprature graphic


Keep in mind…

  • Use the burner on the low heat setting at first to experiment with the heat. Slowly increase the heat as required.
  • Using the burner on the highest temperature setting for too long will quickly burn most types of incense. Low – medium heat is the suitable temperature for almost all types of incense.
  • We recommend that you keep the temperature on low – medium heat to get the best out of the burner and your incense.


As electric burners, both automatic and non-automatic, produce high amounts of heat, you must be careful and keep in mind the following safety instructions. These safety instructions apply to all types of electric burners, whether automatic or non-automatic:

  • Keep away from children when the burner is turned on. There is a serious risk of burns.
  • Do NOT touch the plate or the top part of the burner while the burner is turned on. The plate can get extremely hot, especially on higher temperature settings. Other parts of the burner may also be hot. Use the handle in order to move the burner.
  • After the burner has been turned off, do NOT touch the plate or the top part of the burner for at least 30 minutes to 1 hour in order to allow the burner to cool down.